Dog: Days of Adventure
The bond between canine and human has inspired countless classic tales: Lassie and Timmy, Rin Tin Tin and Rusty, Old Yeller and Travis. The wild spaces of the Northeast provide a substantial stage for such partnerships to thrive. We spoke with a few of our favorite outdoor enthusiast duos... Read more
White Mountains From Above
  The anxious excitement builds when you arrive at White Mountain Helicopter as you are greeted by the towering signage at the head of the driveway. We pulled the car to a complete stop in awe at it’s majestic stature and immense craft and took photos only to back... Read more
The Maine Coast, Revisited
Paddling With Alice’s Awesome Adventures in Brunswick, Maine Story and photos by Gretchen Braulick For some reason, when at a crossroads, I’m always called back to the same places. I thought this was an issue at first – the issue being that I’m constantly trying to travel back to... Read more
The History of Mountains
A portrait of New England mountaineer & climbing historian Ed Webster By Brett Houle A version of this article was originally published in Sidetracked Magazine In what he later called, “the most fateful decision of my life,” Ed Webster saw the rising sun casting stunning alpenglow on the Lhotse... Read more
All in One: The White Mountain Direttissima
In a pioneering run of New Hampshire’s tallest peaks, Andrew Drummond set a fastest time and a standard for style. By Ian Ferguson Cover photo by Joe Klementovich The light of Andrew Drummond’s headlamp bounced off the bearded trees and jumbled boulders of Kilkenny Ridge Trail, an endless maze... Read more
A Park in the Rough
The beauty of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is that it hasn’t been developed yet. By Ryan Wichelns Photos by Lauren Danilek It was well after dark as my Jeep bumped restlessly down the logging roads of the Maine backwoods. Out ahead of me, my high beams... Read more
Welcome to Newfoundland
By Olivier Dion and Thomas Thiery. Follow them at (Translated from the French) In the imagination of many backcountry skiers, Newfoundland’s West Coast remains a mythical place. Many know there is as much skiable terrain as in Gaspésie and the snow is abundant, but few have skied there.... Read more
Haynes on Everest: Part VII
A crew of New Englanders led by Paul Giorgio went to Everest in the spring of 2016 to gather footage for a traveling museum exhibit about the world’s tallest mountain. Along with accomplished filmmakers Scott Barber and Thom Pollard, Mount Washington Valley wildman Parker Haynes was there to assist... Read more
ADK Adventure Climbs
By Kevin MacKenzie Winter mountaineering in the Adirondacks is rugged and thrilling. Step off the maintained trails and you have a plethora of options, whether you’re bushwhacking, technical ice climbing or climbing the mega-slides of the High Peaks. Most people consider the Gothics’ North Face to be the classic... Read more
Majka Burhardt, Adventure Philanthropist
By Ian Ferguson Photos by Gabe Rogel From African alpine jungles to frozen waterfalls in New England, climber Majka Burhardt is comfortable on any vertical terrain. Now she’s using her skills to protect an ecosystem and the people who depend on it. Majka Burhardt was in her element leading... Read more