Dog: Days of Adventure
The bond between canine and human has inspired countless classic tales: Lassie and Timmy, Rin Tin Tin and Rusty, Old Yeller and Travis. The wild spaces of the Northeast provide a substantial stage for such partnerships to thrive. We spoke with a few of our favorite outdoor enthusiast duos... Read more
White Mountains From Above
  The anxious excitement builds when you arrive at White Mountain Helicopter as you are greeted by the towering signage at the head of the driveway. We pulled the car to a complete stop in awe at it’s majestic stature and immense craft and took photos only to back... Read more
Help build the new New Paltz climbing gym
New Paltz, New York is home of the Shawangunk Mountains, AKA The Gunks, a world-famous rock climbing destination. The bedrock ridge formation provides awesome position and exposure even on moderate and easy climbs. The tri-cam placements are awesome! The New Paltz climbing gym was an amazing place that brought... Read more