Editor’s note: This story was originally published on the Redline Guiding website. By Mike Cherim This work of fiction isn’t meant to be shocking or morbid. That said, some might find it disturbing on some level, or chilling. That isn’t, however, its purpose. Nor is it meant to point... Read more
Mountainside Lodging
A proposed hotel on Mt. Washington is stirring backlash from the hiking community By Ian Ferguson Photo by David Govatski Wayne Presby and Joel Bedor, owners of the Cog Railway, want to build a 35-room hotel on the shoulder of Mt. Washington. The proposed site is at 5,600 feet,... Read more
Mayday in the Mountains
The wreckage from two unrelated plane crashes in the White Mountains can still be found on Mt. Waternomee and Mt. Success. By Erin Paul Donovan I first visited both of these crash sites about 20 years ago, and have visited them numerous times since. Even after all these years,... Read more
The wild people you meet on the Long Trail
Musings from a section of Vermont’s classic thru-hike By Jeremy Gansler Photo by Jamel Torres It was a three-hour drive to the trailhead. My dad drove us west, blazing through the gentle topography of western Massachusetts until we reached the Pine Cobble trailhead. We snapped a picture and began... Read more
Outlook Photo Gallery: Summer 2016
Trailrunning: New York’s Fastest 46er
Interview by Matt McDonald Above: Looking out at a few of the 46 Adirondack 4,000-footers. Photo by Kevin McAvey. Right: Jan Wellford, 34, Keene Valley, NY, ran up those 46 peaks in under 4 days. At 9:46 p.m. on June 27, 2008, Jan Wellford summited the granite spine atop... Read more
Up a mountain and down a river in Maine Story and photos by Curran Ferrey The Mountain We awoke from our nap, the three of us crammed into the seats of an overpacked sedan. We’d spent the last 12 hours driving, and bags of camera equipment, headlamps, spare fleece... Read more