Spring Skiing Cinema
Edits have been popping up following a couple of weeks of prime skiing conditions above treeline in the White Mountains. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a few of our favorites in one place. Read more
Ski Routes of Tuckerman Ravine
Dude, where’s my line? This handy guide will help you learn the names of the spicy descents in hallowed Tuckerman Ravine, where extreme skiing is a tradition dating back to the 1930’s. Route difficulty is dependent on conditions and personal preference, but the easiest routes tend to be Left... Read more
Welcome to Newfoundland
By Olivier Dion and Thomas Thiery. Follow them at estski.ca (Translated from the French) In the imagination of many backcountry skiers, Newfoundland’s West Coast remains a mythical place. Many know there is as much skiable terrain as in Gaspésie and the snow is abundant, but few have skied there.... Read more
Nor’Easter report: Jay Powder Day
By Ian Ferguson My friend Levi and I both work at a ski area in the White Mountains, and earlier this week we contemplated our options for the upcoming storm. Should we ski inbounds at one of the resorts covered by our employee passes? Should we lap the local... Read more
Jumping Big Nansen
Reviving the historic Nansen Ski Jump It was cold – one degree and windy – but that didn’t stop around a hundred northern New Hampshirites from trying to capture history on their smartphones. Tapping screens with bare fingers, they tried not to shiver while filming footage that won’t look... Read more
Unlocking the White Room
New Hampshire backcountry skiers are following Vermont’s lead and building more glades in hopes of more powder days like the one in the above photo, taken last December in Vermont. Photo by Brooks Curran. By Ian Ferguson New Hampshire has more skiable terrain above treeline than any other state... Read more
The Transition Beer
What beer do backcountry skiers crave at the top of the skintrack? It’s an important question for science. We chased down more than 4,000 backcountry skiers in the alpine, the deep woods, the slackcountry and secret stashes across the Northeast to find answers. Actually, we just asked a Facebook... Read more
Dawn Patrol: Tuckerman Ravine
Story and photos by Ian Ferguson Tom Chingas’ alarm went of at 3:30 this morning. At 4, we met at the scenic vista in Intervale, NH. Two hours later we arrived in the bowl of Tuckerman Ravine, the rising sun illuminating the left gully and a waterfall of snow... Read more
The Traverse
Story and photos by Steve Larson Nine hours northeast of Montreal, the tip of my nose begins to turn white. A bright and blustery Wednesday morning, with temperatures hovering around zero degrees Fahrenheit, operates as nature’s alarm clock for a group of six excited skiers. It’s day four of... Read more
Working for the Weekend 5: Mount Washington
Classic film from Meathead Films and our friends over at SkiTheEast.com about the epicenter of backcountry skiing in the northeast: Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. As Ben Leoni said, “Tuckerman Ravine is just the tip of the iceberg.” Read more