Ski Routes of Tuckerman Ravine

Dude, where’s my line? This handy guide will help you learn the names of the spicy descents in hallowed Tuckerman Ravine, where extreme skiing is a tradition dating back to the 1930’s.

Route difficulty is dependent on conditions and personal preference, but the easiest routes tend to be Left Gully, Right Gully and Hillman’s Highway. Some advice: hike up what you plan on skiing down so you can scope potential hazards, and always ski within your ability. Photos courtesy of Jamel Torres.

Boot Spur (looking south from Hojo’s)
  1. Boot Spur Gully 1
  2. Cathedral Gully
  3. Stovepipe Gully
  4. Dodge’s Drop
  5. Hillman’s Highway
  6. The Duchess
  7. Empress
  8. Lower Snowfields


The Bowl
  1. Left Gully
  2. The Chute (South Variation)
  3. The Chute
  4. The Chute (North Variation)
  5. Center Gully
  6. The Icefall/Headwall
  7. The Lip
  8. The Sluice
  9. Right Gully
  10. Lobster Claw

Sources: Friends of Tuckerman Ravine,, Jamel Torres


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